Surveillance video footage has recently been released of an incident in Marion County, Florida, from 2014, in which five sheriff’s deputies beat a man during an arrest.

In the footage obtained by NBC, the man, who is being arrested on a drug warrant, throws his hands up and lies down on the ground, clearly surrendering. However, he is quickly surrounded by the five deputies, who hit and kick him while he is down.

The video footage stand in stark contrast to body camera footage that shows the deputies shouting at the man to “stop resisting” and directing the man to put his hands behind his back.

Sheriff Chris Blair said that the footage “shocked him to the core.”

“As soon as I saw this video, all five individuals were suspended without pay,” he said. “I personally felt that their actions were egregious and thought that they should never receive another dime from the Marion County taxpayers.”

Four of the deputies involved resigned last August, while the fifth was indicted on Wednesday.