Azealia Banks endorses 'evil' Donald Trump for President

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Azealia Banks thinks that Donald Trump is the only one “evil” enough to run our “evil” country.

Banks took to Twitter on Monday to announce her endorsement of the Republican presidential candidate, saying, “Ok so, I think I’m ready to admit that I’m going to vote for Donald Trump.”

“I think Donald trump is evil like America is evil and in order for America to keep up with itself it needs him,” she explained. She also went on to say that she thought Trump would be the only candidate able to take on big business. “Hillary is too tied in with them and Bernie has no clout,” she tweeted.

She then went the pessimistic route in her endorsement: “I have no hope for America. It is what it is. Capitalist, consumerist, racist land of make believe. It’s inherently evil and must feed on others for it to survive. I only trust this country to be what it is: full of sh*t. Takes sh*t to know sh*t so we may as well, put a piece of sh*t in the White House.”

“Just because Hilary Clinton and Bernie sanders say nice things about minorities doesn’t mean they actually mean them,” she added.