Federal prosecutor Damian Williams could be New York City’s next Manhattan U.S. attorney and the first Black man to hold down the role.
/ March 23, 2021
"Gemini Man" Global Press Conference  /// Will Smith collaborates with YouTube in support of "Gemini Man"
Will Smith has been hinting at political aspirations for over two decades. “I think for now I’ll let that office get cleaned up a little bit.”
/ March 2, 2021
ABC's News Division To Cut Up To 25 Percent Of Staff
NABJ wants Disney to appoint the first Black ABC News president, as an African American has never been the head of a news division.
/ February 4, 2021
President Trump Welcomes Nigerian President Buhari To The White House
Congressional Black Caucus sends letter to Nigerian president over SARS crisis. They ask protestors in Nigeria to be released from jail.
/ October 22, 2020
Jason Wright NFL football team president
Jason Wright is named the president of the Washington Football Team, making him the first Black person to hold the title in NFL history.
/ August 17, 2020
President Donald Trump vowed to put an end to the destruction of U.S. monuments while given a speech on what the Lakota people say, is stolen land.
/ July 5, 2020
However unlikely, Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden said he wouldn’t be averse to a potential vice presidential candidate from the Republican party
/ December 31, 2019