Teen girl charged with triple murder in weave robbery

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An 18-year-old woman from Memphis has been charged after police said she shot and killed a man and his pregnant girlfriend during a weave-related heist.

According to Action News 5, the families of EJ Tate and Edwina Thomas believe Shelby Isaac committed murder last month, with bundles of hair — valued at up to $250 each — serving as the motive.

Tate ran a hair shop with his cousin called VirginHair4US. It is alleged that Isaac, along with her suspected accomplice, Victoria Seay, had purchased hair from him before with no incident. Witnesses say they saw Isaac go through Tate’s pockets after she shot him.

“They didn’t have to do this,” Tate’s father said. “If they wanted the hair, I’m pretty sure he would say you can have this hair. My life is not worth it.”

Police said Seay also acted as a getaway driver and is being charged with accessory after the fact.

Isaac will appear in court Monday.