Republican presidential hopeful has one nice thing to say about current President Barack Obama: his family is amazing.

In fact, Bush thinks the Obamas should have been showcased more as a model for a good family for others to follow.

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“This is a place where I think President Obama missed a real golden opportunity, because he has a stable family, loving children – great, balanced children from what I can tell – a strong relationship with his wife, and he could have shown that as a model for others to emulate,” he said, according to CNN. “And I don’t think he’s done it as much.”

The remarks were made during an appearance at the Faith and Family Presidential Forum at Bob Jones University last week. Bush was there to argue that a strong family is the best defense against poverty. For the Obamas in particular, Bush thinks there was a missed opportunity, because the “public persona of the presidency has power” to influence the public and their behavior.

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“Maybe he’s a private person, but I think that’s important,” Bush continued. “I think how you lead your life as a president is as important as a five-point plan you have to deal with whatever subject it is.”

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