In spite of all the backlash and critical think pieces, it appears the Beyhive wins again!

Tuesday morning, an anti-Beyonce protest was set to take place outside the NFL headquarters in New York City. During the much-publicized rally, the intention was to demonstrate against Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers and Beyonce’s overall “pro-black” messaging during the Super Bowl halftime show.

-Former Black Panthers React to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance-

Many expected a huge turn out, and fans even organized a counter protest to defend the pop singer. Unfortunately, it turned out to be all talk, because almost no one showed up to the anti-Bey demonstration.

-Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance Brought Blackness Center Stage-

Both the police and the Beyhive came out in full force ready for a fight and were met by two lone Beyonce haters. Two people. Proud of the Blues, the organizer of the event didn’t even bother to show up, leading some to speculate that this was all just a case of internet trolling and posturing.

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For now, hashtags like #BoycottBeyonce are just hashtags, while #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackGirlMagic continue to gain steam.

Not surprisingly, Twitter is having a field day with this.