Erica Garner: Hillary Clinton’s been ‘flip-flopping’ her whole life

Last week, Eric Garner’s eldest daughter released a emotional video endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for President. In it, she talks about the death of her father and why Sanders is the best candidate to prioritize issues of racial justice.

Eric Garner’s death due to a police chokehold became a lighting rod for Black Lives Matter activists and protests calling for police accountability and reform.

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Erica Garner has led such protests herself. She writes that Sanders is black America’s “strongest ally” and has compared his campaign’s message to President Barack Obama’s in 2008.

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Now, Erica is on the campaign trail stumping for Sanders at a critical time in the election. She sat down with’s Natasha Alford to talk about her Sanders endorsement, earning the black vote and why she’s not voting for Hillary Clinton.

“Let’s keep it real,” Erica said. “Hillary’s been flip-flopping and confused her whole life. She hasn’t stuck to one thing. We need consistency.”

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In Part 2 of our interview with Erica Garner, she talks about why she lost hope for justice in her father’s case and why Black Lives Matter supporters need to rally in Election 2016.