Eric Garner

Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Tim Scott,
Sources tell theGrio movement on police reform could come soon as Manchin is set to meet with Sen. Scott on the George Floyd policing act.
/ September 16, 2021
George Floyd
As the anniversary George Floyd’s death approaches, many want Congress to pass police reform but fear real progress won’t be made.
/ May 22, 2021
Mark Davis said the tweet was inspired by Philonise Floyd, who said, in part, that he and his grieving family “are able to breathe again.”
/ April 21, 2021
Cariol Horne
Former Buffalo police officer Cariol Horne was fired for reporting a chokehold but will now receive her full pension.
/ April 14, 2021
The home in West Woodlawn is where Till lived with his mother before the teenager traveled to Money, Mississippi that fateful 1955 summer.
/ January 28, 2021
Eric Garner Protesters
On the sixth anniversary of his passing, Eric Garner’s family threw together their annual celebration, The Legacy Eric Garner left behind
/ July 18, 2020
OPINION: Jerika L. Richardson, of the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board, says now is the time to finally hold police accountable.
/ July 17, 2020
A newly released video show that Florida police officers shot an unarmed Black man within seconds of their encounter without any provocation. 
/ June 26, 2020
Eric Garner placed in a chokehold by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo (Video still/ Ramsey Orta/YouTube)
The disciplinary records of the former cop who killed Eric Garner on a busy NYC sidewalk in 2014 have been disclosed after years of secrecy.  
/ June 23, 2020
Local activists from the original Black Panther Party found a series of photos of racial violence victims in a local park that were hung with nooses.
/ June 22, 2020
Eric Garner’s widow will “testify” in a TV special called American Trial: The Eric Garner Story. In a preview, she cries over the loss of her late husband.
/ June 20, 2020
Ramsey Orta
Ramsey Orta, the man, who filmed the chokehold death of Eric Garner has been released from prison. He says that he wishes he never filmed the killing.
/ June 9, 2020
Protesters George Floyd
The New York Assembly members voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill criminalizing aggravated strangulation for police officers, by a vote of 140 to three.
/ June 8, 2020
Patrick Mahomes, Saquon Barkley and Michael Thomas are among more the NFL stars who sent a passionate video message to the league about racial inequality.
/ June 5, 2020
Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s released a statement condemning the “inhumane police brutality” that lead to the death of George Floyd.
/ June 3, 2020
Spike Lee
Spike Lee debuted a one-and-a-half minute long, on Twitter yesterday called, ‘3 Brothers—Radio Raheem, Eric Garner, and George Floyd.’
/ June 1, 2020
Gwen Carr has spoken to the family of George Floyd after they have now experienced a similar loss as her son, Eric Garner, was killed by police as well.
/ May 27, 2020