Paula Patton defends Zoe Saldana as ‘Nina’: ‘She’s bold and brave, should be applauded’

Paula Patton thinks the folks that are upset with Zoe Saldana starring as Nina Simone need to have several seats.

“I think that it’s unfortunate. I don’t really believe in that kind of bullying or taking people down,” Patton said during an interview with Rolling Out. “There’s all kind of expression of art, and it’s unfortunate what’s happened and such. I think that [Zoe] is bold and brave to do it and she should be applauded for it. Somebody thought she was right.”

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Patton later opened up about how she’s been handling being newly single.

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“I’m newly single and… this is real and I know it,” she said. “But I am going to make a play or a pledge, and I want others to make it. Love is such a beautiful thing, and being in control is the opposite of being in love. Living life is about not knowing what’s going to come next, and then you can fall in love. We all know when you really fall in love, it’s the best feeling in the whole world, and it’s worth the risk that you might get hurt.”

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She also talked about infidelity in relationship and how she believe that the ultimate sacrifice is to be faithful to one person.

“Everybody finds another person attractive, but the ultimate sacrifice you make is to stay with one person. Because you love them so much and you know it would hurt them if you went with someone else. That doesn’t mean it’s not human to like other people. That’s love and that’s why people get married.”