On Friday morning, the Hillary Clinton campaign released a video featuring the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Jordan Davis and Dontre Hamilton as these ‘Mothers of the Movement‘ explain why they are voting for Clinton.

“Each of us have lived through our own tragedies which are all different,” said Lucia McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis. “As a mother who lost her child, I was going to stand up and challenge the system and continue to tell my story.”

Bernie Sanders keeps promise he made to Sandra Bland’s mom

McBath, along with Sybrina Fulton (Martin’s mother), Geneva Reed-Veal (Bland’s mother), Gwen Carr (Garner’s mother) and Maria Hamilton (Hamilton’s mother), has dedicated her life to bringing issues of police brutality and gun control to the forefront of the national conversation, and these women all believe that Clinton has done much to further these issues as well.

“She’s been fighting for a long time with these issues,” Carr said.

“Finally someone here is really here to listen and really stimulate change,” McBath said. “She has a heart to serve.”

Check out the video above.

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