Erica Campbell: ‘My president doesn’t have to be a Christian’

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Grammy-winning gospel duo Mary Mary took a moment to weigh in on the 2016 presidential election, and the sisters agree that the next president of the United States doesn’t need to be a Christian.

During a recent interview with theGrio while promoting the new season of their WEtv series, Mary Mary, Erica and Tina Campbell said that they are still undecided on who’ll receive their vote for president but revealed they both plan to vote for the Democratic nominee.

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“My president doesn’t have to be a Christian,” Erica said. “They have to be a good president. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean that you can run the country. You have to be so well-educated and so well aware of so many issues.”

Erica also believes our next president needs to be able to understand that diverse needs of the citizens of our country.

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“I don’t need a president who is just going to serve the African-American community, because my Spanish, Caucasian, and Asian neighbors need to be catered to as well. I need a capable president who understands social security, who understands our police departments all across the country,”

“The fact that we don’t have clean water in Flint, MI, in the United States of America is absurd. I need a president that can candle all of that,” Erica added.

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Bottomline, Tina says Christians need to understand the president is not their pastor.

“There’s no one president that we all agree with on every single issue. We have to be just honest about that. At the end of the day, whoever my president is, you’re not my pastor, you’re not my spiritual leader. So I don’t need to agree with all that you agree with.”

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