Images via Ciera Cece Paul.

A group of 7th graders in Louisiana are making math fun by mixing schoolwork with Beyoncé.

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Teacher Ciera Paul recorded her class as they sang the word to their math-focused remix of Beyoncé‘s “Formation,” complete with lyrics like: “I’m crazy with my circular measurements. Pi times diameter gives me the circumference. Complimentary is 90 degree angles. Supplementary equals 1-8-0. I solved the problem like I’m a superhero.”

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They threw in the Milly Rock and the Dab as well as a Spanish interlude: “Estoy tan loco con mis medidas circulares / Pi multiplican diametro me da la circumferencia.”

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Paul was gleefully proud of her students when she posted the video to her Facebook page, writing, “My students love to make beats and dance so I decided to teach them Geometry with a song. Of course my girls love Beyoncé so I knew they would be on board. I was excited to see that my boys were just as invested. They can find the circumference and area of any circle”