Former 'All That' child star says she was physically abused on set of show

Former “All That” child star Angelique Bates is speaking out about the abuse that she suffered on the set of the Nickelodeon show when she was younger.

Bates spoke exclusively to The Shade Room in a video detailing her experience, saying that she was physically, emotionally and mentally abused by her mother while starring on “All That.” This abuse, she said, would often take place in front of producers, but rather than doing anything about it, the producers urged Bates to keep her mouth shut about what was happening to her.

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“I was only 12-years-old and that’s when my nightmare began,” bates recalled. “I was physically, emotionally, mentally abused in front of the producers and cast members. Sometimes they could even hear me yelling, but nothing was done to help me.”

Bates says in 1996 Child Protective Services was called, but subsequently nothing was done to make matters better.

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“When CPS came I was pressured by all the adults that were sent to protect me, to stay silent. I did, and I have, but I can no longer stay silent.”

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Bates is coming out with her story of abuse at a time when Nickelodeon has just announced the return of “All That,” with original cast members set to provide commentary on the re-run episodes. While Bates was originally going to be part of that project, things did not work out, but she says that she is ready to work given the next opportunity.