Michael Eric Dyson compares Bernie Sanders supporters to Donald Trump followers

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As the race for president heats up, Democrats are battling harder than ever to make distinctions between candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clear.

Support from black voters has been especially crucial for Democrats in recent elections, and both Sanders and Clinton have tried to prove themselves worthy of the vote.

Black Lives Matter Activist Confronts Hillary Clinton During Speech

From “super predator” showdowns to Black Lives Matter podium takeovers, both Clinton and Sanders have faced their fair share of criticism about their handling of race issues. Dyson was in New York City this month being honored by The National Black Writers Conference at Medgar Evers College for his best-selling books and critical analysis of race issues, and he sat down with us to discuss the candidates.

In Part 2 of our one-on-one sit down with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, the writer and history scholar gives us his take on Election 2016 and says one candidate has a clear edge over the other when it comes to race — Hillary Clinton.  He’s gone so far as to say that Clinton would be better for black people in office than President Obama ever could’ve been.

Michael Eric Dyson Says Obama Legacy “Mixed” with Black America

Dyson also holds no punches with his criticism of many Bernie Sanders supporters, comparing them to Donald Trump supporters on the right. Check out the interview with theGrio’s Deputy Editor, Natasha Alford, above and watch Part 1 here.