107-year-old who danced with the Obamas finally gets her ID

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The 107-year-old woman who danced when she got to meet the First Family, became a household name after video of their meeting went viral. Suddenly, Virginia McLaurin was famous, and requests poured in from all over the United States and outside the country as people wanted to interview her and meet her.

But McLaurin couldn’t travel, because she doesn’t have a photo ID.

106 year-old dances for joy during meeting with Obamas at the White House

Her purse was snatched years ago, and as McLaurin explained to CBS News, “I didn’t ever get the ID or my pocketbook [back].”

She tried to get herself a new ID in Washington, D.C., but she needed her birth certificate. However, in order to get her birth certificate up from South Carolina, she needed a photo ID.

106-year-old Virginia McLaurin watches her viral video with the Obamas: “I can die smiling now”

But when the story of her predicament was published in the Washington Post, the D.C. government worked to get her an exception to the rules, and the mayor herself arrived to deliver her ID to her.

“So it’s all official,” Mayor Muriel Bowser told her. “It has your picture on it, and this bar code, allows anybody to scan it, and then we’ll have the actual card for you.”

McLaurin told CBS News she isn’t too concerned about traveling, since she’s afraid of flying.  But she is looking forward to traveling with her son on a road trip and excited to be able to vote in the upcoming elections.

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