People just can’t help themselves.

Heidi Cruz is the latest human being to compare something that has nothing to do with slavery…to slavery.

Ted Cruz to Pres. Obama: ‘Insult Me To My Face’

According to the Texas Tribune, Ted Cruz’s wife made the comments Tuesday on a conference call with the Cruz campaign’s “National Prayer Team”:

I don’t want you to feel like any of this was in vain. I believe in the power of prayer. This doesn’t always happen on the timing of man, and God does not work in four-year segments.

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But then Cruz took it one — if not one thousand — step further:

Be full of faith and so full of joy that this team was chosen to fight a long battle. Think that slavery — it took 25 years to defeat slavery. That is a lot longer than four years.

Last week, Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign following a devastating loss in the Indiana primary to now-presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

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For some reason, Cruz told Glenn Beck Tuesday he won’t rule out re-entering the presidential race — which could mean his wife Heidi could have another opportunity to make another slavery reference.

Or will it be emancipation?