Ted Cruz

The White House is expected to nominate Young, both the first Black candidate and the first woman of color, to officially fill the role.
/ November 24, 2021
“Kyrie has made a personal choice,” Brooklyn Nets’ Sean Marks said benching him, “and we respect his individual right to choose.”
/ October 25, 2021
“Can you tell us where to get a job like yours?” one Twitter user wrote to Cruz in a reply liked more than 10,000 times.
/ September 8, 2021
As a new voting rigthts bill reaches the Senate floor, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas resorts to demagoguery to rally fellow Republicans to block it.
/ March 21, 2021
Ted Cruz made light of his recent trip to Cancun during Texas’s national emergency and many Twitter users did not take well to his comments.
/ February 26, 2021
GOP Presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz Holds Indiana Primary Night Gathering
Sen. Ted Cruz said his wife is upset over leaked text messages confirming their family vacation to Mexico amid the Texas snowstorm.
/ February 23, 2021
Cruz posted photos to his social media accounts which featured him doing things like holding water-bottle cases and shaking a woman’s hand.
/ February 22, 2021