Teacher accused of having sex with student turns herself in to authorites

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A Texas teacher accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student has turned herself in to authorities.

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According to prosecutors, Alexandria Vera had a sexual relationship with the eight grader, which began in September.Vera has been charged with “continuous sex abuse of a child,” according to a KHOU-TV report.

The two reportedly met when the student attended a class in summer school. The student then sent Vera a message on Instagram, and she messaged the student one day when he did not show up to class.

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He then asked for her number and asked if they could hang out.Vera then picked up the student at his house, and the two drove around and then kissed in the car. The next day, Vera returned to the student’s house because his parents were not home, and that was the first time that the two had sex.

Investigators believe that this was in September.Vera insisted that the student’s parents were aware of the relationship and that they had been to a school open house and met her before the student took her home and introduced her to his parents as his girlfriend.

Vera said that she got an abortion after she became nervous when Child Protective Services questioned her about the relationship. She is now facing a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child, though authorities have been unable to find her to arrest her.