Sexual Abuse

Six more coaches were named in a lawsuit alleging that underage athletes were sexually abused at a cheerleading gym in South Carolina.
/ September 18, 2022
A former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective who has long been accused of sexually preying on Black women during criminal…
/ September 15, 2022
Co-defendant Derrell McDavid said he saw no early signs Kelly sought minors for sex, blaming those hoping to profit off the superstar’s fame.
/ September 8, 2022
Black girls deserve more. That sentence is so fraught with controversy that it will probably cause people to stop reading this article.
/ June 30, 2022
Jennifer Bonjean said Judy Huth and her lawyers didn’t come close to proving “her 50-year-old, he-said-she-said case” against Bill Cosby.
/ June 16, 2022
The sexual abuse began after Brown was placed in temporary custody by social services following the arrest of his mother.
/ May 19, 2022
Harris’ plea of guilt on two counts means that five additional federal counts against the former Netflix show star will be dropped.
/ February 11, 2022