VP candidate Tim Kaine has attended a black church for over 30 years

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne, have attended a “black” church for over 30 years.

The couple has been parishioners of St. Elizabeth’s Roman Catholic Church in a “poor predominantly black working-class neighborhood in Richmond, Va.” since 1984.

According to NBC News, when Kaine went to church after being named the vice presidential candidate, he told the story of how he came to be a member of that particular church.

“Anne found it in the summer of 1984. We were married here in November of 1984, and this and our neighborhood are really the center of our lives here. So we needed some prayers today, and we got some prayers, and we got some support and it really feels good,” he stated.

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Then his wife, Anne, who is the daughter of a former governor, spoke. “Tim and I found our way to his parish 32 years ago almost by accident,” she said as she thanked the congregation for their prayers before promising, “We will all have a big party at the end no matter what happens.”

Not only do they attend St. Elizabeth’s but Tim Kaine is even a tenor in the choir. He was asked to sing “Taste and See” for the church, which he did.

The fact that they attend a black church is just one more way in which the Kaines are different than the average political family. Kaine and his wife sent their three children to public schools, which is not the norm for the children of politicians.