CNN’s Angela Rye tells Corey Lewandowski ‘boy bye’ during debate

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Democratic strategist and CNN commentator Angela Rye is not taking any nonsense on air.

On Tuesday, Rye appeared on a panel in which former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, argued President Barack Obama shouldn’t be allowed to participate in election politics while he is running the nation.

–theGrio’s 100: Angela Rye, DC strategist is dynamic presence on MSNBC

Rye argued that Obama should have the chance to participate, since the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, led the ‘birther movement’ and suggested that Obama was an affirmative action candidate in Harvard.

“Did he ever release his transcripts from Harvard?” Lewandowski asked.

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“By the way, tell me about those tax returns, while you’re at it,” Rye said.

“Well you raised the issue, I’m just asking,” Lewandowski replied. “You raised the issue, did he ever release his transcripts or his admission to Harvard University? You raised the issue, so just ‘yes,’ or ‘no.’”

–Angela Rye’s rant on affirmative action:

“Corey? Just a moment,” Rye shot back. “I’m going to Beyoncé you. Boy, bye. You just so out of line right now, tell your candidate to release his tax returns.”

We’re feeling like Queen Bey would appreciate Rye putting her words to good use.  Watch the full exchange below.