The president of Pitzer College, a small liberal arts school near Los Angeles, has denounced a student’s Facebook post in which she insisted on exclusively rooming with people of color.

Pitzer College student Kare Ureña wrote in her post that she didn’t “want to live with any white folks.”

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The current Pitzer President Melvin Oliver, who was the first African-American to lead an undergrad Claremont campus said that the post was “inconsistent with our mission and values.” He denounced the posting saying the school wants to engage, “complex intercultural issues, not to isolate individuals on the basis of any protected status.”

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According the the Daily Mail, 5 percent of Pitzer’s undergraduates in 2015 were African-American.

The Washington Post reports a roommate was found for the group Ureña was part of and hence the post has been removed.

The students involved defended the post and issued a statement saying, “…students of color seeking a living space that is all-POC is not only reasonable, but can be necessary.”

“Our people are being killed. Every which way, through every which angle. Our people are being killed. Our housing arrangements are not racist. They are not exclusive. We are simply fighting to exist and we are fighting to exist in whatever way we can.”


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(Source: LA Times)