Black man brings Starbucks to police guarding NYC bombing scene

Ever since a bomb exploded in New York City on Saturday night, the NYPD has been on high alert and working hard to ensure the safety of the people in the city, and their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

In a touching moment caught on film, a black man named Jermaine decided to show his appreciation by bringing coffee and snacks from a local Starbucks to some NYPD officers guarding the scene of the bombing.

“I just wanted to bring you guys some coffees and pastries,” he says, handing over the coffee as well as two large bags filled with sweets.

‘Thank you very much, thank you so much man,” one officer says.

“I wish I could have brought a little more. But there is cups and sugar in there and some pastries y’all can share,” Jermaine says before telling them that they are welcome to visit him at the Starbucks any time.

Check out the heartwarming clip!