Video shows Ramarley Graham carried away after police shooting

Newly recovered security video has been released which shows the immediate aftermath of Ramarley Graham’s death in 2012 after being shot by police.

The Feb. 2, 2012, footage shows Graham being carried out of the house. He was strapped to a board and then transferred to a stretcher. At one point, a paramedic appears to cover Graham’s face with a sheet before peeling it away from his face.

With the release of the video, Graham’s family is now saying that the video directly contradicts the city’s claims that Graham died at the hospital and clearly shows that he was already dead when he was taken out of the house.

“We know for a fact he died in the house,” said Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, 44, a nurse’s assistant. “Why did they throw a sheet over him, and then peel it back? Because there were a lot of people watching, and they wanted to make it seem like he was still alive.”

“They disturbed the crime scene,” she said. “It was important to know how the body was positioned, and they could have lost other evidence that was needed.”

Last week, the NYPD stated that the officer involved, Officer Richard Haste, would be tried for his actions in this case by the department. He was previous tried by a grand jury on manslaughter charges and found guilty, but a judge threw out the conviction, and a second jury declined to indict him again.