Cop guns down pit bull in Bronx apartment during domestic violence call

After a police officer shot and killed a pit bull during a domestic violence call in the Bronx, the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board has substantiated charges against the cop, stating that he abused his authority by shooting the dog.

According to the New York Daily News, Police Officer Ruben Cuesta, who shot and killed Yvonne Rosado’s 4-year-old pit bull Spike, now faces complaints of abusing his authority, and the CCRB has also recommended that he be retrained.

Cuesta can be seen in surveillance footage shooting the dog in the head as the pit bull approached slowly, wagging its tail.

“In all circumstances we have to leave it to the officer’s understanding of what’s happening at the scene as to what piece of equipment he might use — Taser, pepper spray, firearm,” former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said in March concerning the incident. “In this instance, he used the firearm, so now, as part of the investigation, he’ll have to justify what was going through his mind at that particular time.”

In addition to Cuesta, the CCRB has also reportedly lobbed complaints of abuse of authority against two police officer who were with Cuesta and allegedly forced their way inside the building.