What does it mean to be black and Latino? Afro-LatinX leaders open up about identity, racism and black pride

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“Too black to be Latino, too Latino to be black…” It’s a saying that captures the conflict of a society that often asks people to choose one identity over the other. But what if you feel like you are both?

In Part 1 of our #AfroLatinTalks Facebook Live Panel, theGrio hosted a candid conversation about Afro-Latin identity.

We asked Latinos who also identify as black what the beauties and challenges of cultural and racial identity can be and why Afro-Latinos are often rendered invisible in mainstream discussions.

The panelists included: Janel Martinez, creator of the digital site “Ain’t I Latina?”; Claudio E. Cabrera, award-winning journalist and digital marketing expert; Juliana Pache, an Afro-Cuban/Dominican singer, writer, marketer, and creator of the viral hashtag #BlackLatinXHistory; and Crystal Shaniece Roman, an actress and producer who launched The Black Latina Movement, LLC.

Check out the full Facebook Live talk below and join in on the comments thread to share your perspectives on #AfroLatinX identity.

#AfroLatinTalks: A candid discussion on what it means to be Afro Latino. Our panelists weigh in on what makes it challenging, unique and beautiful! Tune in!

Posted by TheGrio on Tuesday, October 11, 2016