Mar Cruz dances Puerto Rican bomba in the film "Negra, Yo Soy Bella." Director Vashni Korin, Pelua Productions. Tribeca. (Photo by Gabriella Baéz, courtesy of Vashni Korin)
Executive produced by Queen Latifah and directed by Vashni Korin, “Negra, Yo Soy Bella” raises and praises Black Puerto Rican women.
/ April 4, 2023
For Afro-Latinos and others with dark skin, the OMB proposal erases how they experience racism compounded by their Blackness.
/ March 16, 2023
Puerto Rico, Travel, Vacation,
The island of Puerto Rico has so much to offer visitors. Step outside your hotel and make memories with these five activities and adventures.
/ January 24, 2023
Acclaimed Afro-Latino photographer Juan Veloz talks about his Dominican roots and creating his own “Tercera Cultura” in the Metaverse.
/ December 17, 2022
New York Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado says he wants to connect across communities.
/ October 10, 2022
Between 2015 and 2021, Lakeland Bank allegedly failed to provide mortgage lending services to Newark’s Black and Latino communities.
/ September 30, 2022
Hurricane Fiona struck Puerto Rico’s southwest coast, unleashing landslides, knocking out the power grid and ripping up roads.
/ September 19, 2022