White supremacist posters posted all over Iowa State University campus

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

On Thursday, students at Iowa State University were shocked when they woke up to find that many of their campus buildings had been covered in white supremacist posters.

Shocked students took pictures of the posters to document the horrifying posters, which had messages such as “White students, you are not alone be proud of your heritage,” and “In 1950 America was 90 percent white, it is now only 50 percent white. Will you become a minority in your own country?” The posters also had images of a swastika-like symbol in red.

Campus police removed the posters, and the university decried the hateful messages.

— Iowa cop filmed yanking suspect’s dreadlocks while punching him in the head — 

“These posters … depict historical references or messages that could evoke feelings of bias or racism,” university administrators said in a statement. “We continue to defend any individual’s right to free expression; however, attacks directed at any individual or group are inconsistent with the Principles of the Iowa State Community: respect, purpose, cooperation, richness of diversity, freedom from discrimination, and the honest and respectful expression of ideas.”

While state police are now investigating the incident, as of early Friday, no suspects have been named or arrested. However, a Twitter account called “AryanIowan” reportedly claimed responsibility on Twitter, but the account has since been taken down.