White supremacy

Nazi homeschooling group
An Ohio homeschooling group with over 3,000 subscribers is sparking outrage for messages that are racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic.
/ February 3, 2023
OPINION: Long before the rapping shoe salesman began making headlines, there were negro know-it-alls who made a name for themselves by berating Black people in order to affirm the principles of white supremacy.
/ October 13, 2022
United We Stand Summit
Ending hate-fueled violence was the focus of the Biden-Harris administration’s first day-long White House summit, “United We Stand.”
/ September 16, 2022
“I serve for combat experience so I’m more proficient in killing n*****s,” wrote Killian Mackeith Ryan on social media.
/ September 4, 2022
The book’s title is inspired by the 1920 W.E.B. Du Bois essay, “The Souls of White Folk,” which examined the roots of American racism.
/ August 2, 2022
Harvard has possessed the photos since they were rediscovered in 1976, using the photos as recently as 2017.
/ June 26, 2022
Herschel Walker
OPINION: Herschel Walker, a Trump man, for years has been one of the loudest spreaders of the lie the Black men are absent fathers. Meanwhile, he has children with whom he has no relationship.
/ June 16, 2022