NYPD conducting fewer stop-and-frisks, and with more success

On Sunday, Police Commissioner James O’Neill of the NYPD said that the NYPD is conducting fewer stop-and-frisks, but they are being more efficient with their stops and therefore are having more success with the policy.

“Stop-and-question (and frisk) hasn’t gone away… It’s something that we continue to do, certainly not in the numbers that it was done in the past but it’s pretty fruitful for us,” O’Neill told John Catsimatidis on the Cats Roundtable AM 970.

The police are focusing not on trying to cast a wide net but on patrolling hot spots and looking for violent offenders and parolees, O’Neill explained.

“New York is a very safe place and it’s going to continue to get safer,” he said.