Trump rushed off the stage by Secret Service during Reno rally

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(AP) — Donald Trump is promising to take his campaign into traditional Democratic territory as a sign that he’s not giving up on appealing to people outside the Republican Party. Trump has scheduled rallies Sunday in Minnesota, which hasn’t supported a Republican nominee since 1972, and Michigan, which hasn’t since 1988.

Hillary Clinton is focusing her efforts in the campaign’s final days on energizing voters who usually support the Democratic nominee, but may need an extra boost. To do that, Clinton is pressing her case with music and sports celebrities. She is scheduled to campaign today with basketball superstar Lebron James, after sharing the stage Saturday night with pop singer Katy Perry. On Friday night she appeared with music diva Beyoncé and hip hop mogul husband Jay Z.

A brief scare Saturday night disrupted Trump’s rally in Reno, Nevada, when Secret Service agents suddenly hustled the Republican nominee off the stage. The agency later said that someone near the stage had shouted “Gun!” but that a subsequent apprehension of a man and search revealed no weapon. Trump returned a few minutes later to resume his remarks.

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