Jessica Williams says Trump is bad example for the country

Jessica Williams, the co-host of 2 Dope Queens and a former "Daily Show" correspondent, says that she is baffled by the election results.

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Jessica Williams, the co-host of 2 Dope Queens and a former “Daily Show” correspondent, says that she is baffled by the election results.

“As a millennial, I had this idea that, well, the civil rights movement already happened, and that as we got older, we wouldn’t have to really worry about racism. This election was a real wake-up call. I think there are so many minorities in the United States who have already been very woke and I think this election has also helped a lot of liberal, white people and the media realize that it’s time to wake the f*** up,” she said recently at a luncheon hosted by Marie Claire.

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“Donald Trump pedals this idea of exclusion. I think that if you’re willing to vote for that, you must be so angry and terrified with the idea of a person of color having been in the White House and a woman possibly taking the White House. That dude is a racist. That dude talks about grabbing women by the p****y. It is baffling to me that somebody would even consider having that man being the leader of the United States, having that man be the example for our country.”