Andy Beshear

Twenty-somethings recently attended a “coronavirus party” in Kentucky and now one person has tested positive for the disease.

/ March 25, 2020

A recent examination of the "Criminal Justice Toplines by Race and Ethnicity," looks at how millennials view the criminal justice

/ August 9, 2019
Maxine Waters

As the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters said she sympathized with those struggling to pay the

/ February 24, 2019
african kings

The night Randall Woodfin won the hotly contested race for mayor of Birmingham, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with dozens of his

/ October 16, 2017
african kings

On this episode of “True Story with Natasha Alford,” Natasha sits with Congresswoman Maxine Waters at her “Auntie Maxine Open Mic”

/ April 17, 2017
african kings

Jessica Williams, the co-host of 2 Dope Queens and a former "Daily Show" correspondent, says that she is baffled by

/ November 10, 2016
african kings

The Clinton campaign has tried aggressively win over Sanders' supporters in recent months...

/ October 4, 2016