Secret Service wants to shut down street near Trump Tower

The NYPD and the Secret Service are scheduled to meet up to discuss how to keep Trump Tower secure, as the high-rise building is currently the home and the headquarters of president-elect Donald Trump.

The Secret Service would apparently like to simply shut down the street near Trump Tower while Trump is in town in order to keep the building secure, but the NYPD simply believes that is not feasible and that it “can’t happen” because of the nightmare of traffic, among other things.

–Trump Tower residents threaten to leave amid protests–

“It’s a negotiation,” an NYPD source said. “Their job is to keep the President safe. Our job is to keep the President safe, but also let the people who live and work and visit there have some semblance of normality. It won’t be complete normality, but it’ll be adjusted normality.”

The negotiations are further complicated by the fact that Trump reportedly wants to continue to spend much of his time living in his luxurious apartment, though the Secret Service is reportedly trying to talk him out of it, citing security concerns, among other things.

The job of the Secret Service and the NYPD in protecting the president-elect is also complicated by the fact that thousands have taken to the streets to protest Trump’s election, with many of them surrounding Trump Tower in particular.