(Photo: Facebook)

A video of a grandmother teaching a child hate speech is now spreading across social media.

In the video, a very young child can be seen repeating the words the older woman is teaching him, saying things like, “You f***ing black c**t!”

Of course, on seeing the video, many were appalled, noting that the woman should not be allowed to teach such hateful things to a child and that it was clearly not the child’s fault for repeating what he was taught at such a young age. Many noted that this is how hatred is passed down through generations.

The video was posted by GRM Daily with the caption “When people ask if racism still exists,” and as it began to spread, the GRM Daily page posted an update explaining why it was posted:

– We do not own this video nor do we know the parties involved. We found it on Twitter and re-shared on Facebook in hope of it reaching a wider audience.
– We DO NOT condone this behaviour or any form of racism at all. We are an Youth Urban Media platform which has been supporting ethnic minorities since 2009.
– We posted this video with the intention of it going viral and reaching authorities. We’ve been told the police are now investigating the video and looking for the woman in question, which to us is great news.