(Photo: Facebook)

Nick Harris took to Facebook to post about his biracial daughter’s racist mother who was upset with him for giving their daughter cornrows because it was a “black” hairstyle. His post has since gone viral.

“She looks black and she’s not!” the mother objected when shown a picture of the cornrows. “I hate that [s**t].”

She complained vehemently about the hairstyle, promising to take the cornrows out when Harris returned their daughter to him. “Go ahead treat her like a black kid and I’ll treat her how I want,” she said before telling him, “U stupid.”

Harris seems to stay calm despite all the vitriol being hurled at both him and his daughter, though he does make it a point to point out that their daughter is biracial, so she does have black genetics, whether her mother likes it or not.

“It’s crazy that you can’t accept the ‘black’ half of our child,” he wrote. “She’s not more white or more black. She’s mixed, a beautiful mixed baby whose hair looks great in many different styles.”

As the woman continued to rant, saying she didn’t have to “embrace that side” of her daughter, it becomes clear Harris is just stunned.

“It truly amazes me that you hate half your daughter,” he wrote.