Black Hair

Carol's Daughter, Lisa Price, Marsai Martin, Carol's Daughter 30 Years, Black-owned Beauty,
For many Black women, their first hair salon experience was at home. There, they would get their hair washed at
/ February 12, 2023
The Black Beauty Effect, Black Beauty, CROWN Act, Black Hair, Esi Eggleston Bracy, Andrea Lewis, Cara Sabin, Mikki Taylor,
On Monday, beauty, skincare and hair enthusiasts from all different backgrounds gathered in the theater of New York City’s Whitby
/ February 2, 2023
Tia Mowry 4U by Tia
Looking for a more cost-effective, environmentally conscious haircare brand? Tia Mowry has something for you. The actress, entrepreneur, new WeightWatchers
/ January 30, 2023
Color of Change #CareForBlackHair
When a report by the National Institutes of Health that found correlations between permanent hair treatments such as hair dyes
/ January 19, 2023
Black hair products cancer
When most models featured on boxes of well-known Black hair straightening products began coming forward on social media and admitting
/ October 18, 2022
Judge Wooden gavel on the table of judge with american flag and black chair
A Black Kentucky man has filed a discrimination lawsuit in federal court against a state prison, claiming his constitutional rights
/ July 10, 2022
The barber who pioneered many of the hair care products that became an iconic part of the Black community has
/ July 8, 2022