Report: Chicago police violated citizens’ constitutional rights for years

The United States Department of Justice has just concluded a report on the Chicago police force, and the report, which is expected to be released Friday, found that citizens’ civil rights were consistently violated over the years, according to one law enforcement official.

The report comes as the Chicago police have found themselves often accused of brutality and of violating civil rights of the very people they are sworn to serve and protect. It was launched after police released footage in 2015 of a white police officer shooting black teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times. Following the release of the footage, an investigation into the police department was launched to determine if the police in Chicago use excessive force more than necessary and i they are prone to racial bias.

The report is just the first step on the path to improving police departments across the country, and the Obama administration has seen other reports completed by its Justice Department and has mandated changes because of it.

In particular, this report couldn’t have come soon enough for the president, who hopes to push for reform of the police in this area before his successor, Donald Trump, is inaugurated, as indications are that Trump will not pursue such reform.