Police corruption

“Social media accounts” was added to LAPD officers’ field interview cards, for both suspects and those not arrested, in 2015.
/ September 9, 2021
Crime scene thegrio.com
Former Philadelphia police detectives were arrest for perjury which led to an innocent Black man, Anthony Wright, being wrongly convicted.
/ August 24, 2021
Curtis Crosland thegrio.com
A Philadelphia man has been cleared of murder and released from prison after 34 years by evidence that was suppressed by investigators.
/ June 25, 2021
NYPD theGRIO.com
Two current and one retired New York City police officers were charged Tuesday in a nine-count indictment for taking bribes.
/ May 12, 2021
The explosive story comes after a year-long probe into allegations against police who oversaw the department’s youth Explorer Scouts program.
/ November 12, 2020
NYPD thegrio.com
OPINION: Jerika L. Richardson, of the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board, says now is the time to finally hold police accountable.
/ July 17, 2020
Marilyn Mosby theGrio.com
“[O]ur legal and ethical obligation in the pursuit of justice leaves us no other recourse but to ‘right the wrongs’ of unjust convictions,” Mosby said.
/ October 4, 2019