Most Americans want Barack Obama back as president

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It’s only been two weeks, and already, Americans want their old president back.

According to a survey from Public Policy Polling, 52 percent of Americans want Barack Obama back, and only 43 percent are glad to see Donald Trump in the White House. As if that wasn’t enough, 40 percent of Americans want to see President Trump impeached, a 5 percent increase from just one week ago, when that same group was at 35 percent.

The low numbers of support for the current president come as a result of opposition to his policies, especially the many executive orders that he has signed since taking office .

In particular, there is still outrage about the immigration and travel ban that Trump enacted over the weekend, seemingly making good on his promises to create a “Muslim ban” during the campaign. The ban, which is supposed by only about a quarter of the country, according to the poll, not only halted all refugees entering the country for four months but also banned entry to the United States for people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

On the other hand, nearly half of Trump’s supporters were in favor of the ban, with 48 percent expressing the believe that protesters at airports around the country were paid to protest by George Soros.