Facebook users unleash on gunman who killed NYPD cop

After the murder of Officer Miosotis Familia, Facebook descended on the Facebook profile of the man who killed her to celebrate his death.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

After the murder of NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, Facebook users have descended on the Facebook profile of the man who killed her to celebrate his death and tear him apart.

Alexander Bonds, who shot Familia in cold blood after he walked up to her police vehicle and shot her in the head through the window, was killed by police after the shooting, but he left his Facebook profile public and open to comment, and Facebook users ran with it.

“You took a woman of color away from her 3 children just because of her occupation. How wicked,” wrote user Jamie Agnello. “This is a cowardly and terroristic act and now cops will be even more on edge and quick to shoot thanks to your dumb ass. Enjoy hell.”

–NYPD officer switched to night shift just weeks before murder–

Other comments included references to the Black Lives Matter movement, while some used racial slurs to refer to Bonds. Many comments were made on Bonds’ last Facebook post, which was a birthday message to his brother.

However, a few defended Bonds, who was mentally ill and off his medication, according to his girlfriend, while one user, Jerald Rowlett, called for calm and better behavior.

“Coming here to rage won’t bring the officer back guys. It won’t bring a bit of punishment to her killer. All it will do is hurt his family and friends,” Rowlett wrote.

“We as a nation have lost our damn minds lately. Wish I could blame it on something as easy to point at as Trump but this was going on long before he took office. We no longer disagree,” Rowlett later told the New York Daily News. “And sadly what is happening on the Alexander Bonds page is just the next step. People who rush to a dead (man’s) page to rage about the actions that got him killed.”

“They know he’ll never read it. They just insist to have their say knowing that his family and friends will see it. Bonds was a cold-blooded killer. But his family and friends know a man the rest of us will never meet. They won’t see him the way I do and that’s fine with me.”