White supremacist in fear strips off uniform, says he’s not really racist

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During this past weekend’s violent riots in Charlottesville, where white supremacists rallied in protest of the removal of a Confederate statue, one protester was caught on video discarding his racist stance when targeted by anti-racist protesters and left without his Nazi comrades.

Documentary filmmaker C. J. Hunt says he witnessed one white man screaming for help after being chased down, and quickly ripped off his shirt and begged the crowd for mercy. The unidentified man wore the khaki-and-white uniform of the white nationalist group Vanguard America.

“I’m not really white power, man, I just came here for the fun,” the man, before saying “I’m sorry” and begging for mercy.

Hunt, with camera in tow, approached the young man about his bizarre surrender. When Hunt asked the man if he was a white supremacist he replied, “barely.”

“It’s kind of a fun idea,” he further explained. “Just being able to say ‘white power,’ you know?”

See it all unfold below.