Tyrese and his messiness are giving me a migraine.

The singer and actor is kind of like our talented cousin who’s constantly causing us to face-palm whenever they speak. Just when you think they have ish together they go and remind you why we can’t have nice things. But his latest stunt is proof that this man needs to find himself a seat and take it.


Lately it seems Jody is at the control center and making decisions that probably started out with good intentions and somehow ended up in the land of hell no.

ICYMI, Tyrese is in the middle of a child abuse case stemming from his ex-wife’s claims that he went too far when he spanked their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. There’s a temporary restraining order in effect that prohibits him from any contact with her, so he decided the next best thing would be to fly a plane over her school and send her a bunch of gifts better suited for a convalescent home visit because that makes so much sense.

Norma was none too amused by the obnoxious display and quickly called the police on her ex.

We can hear his argument now… “But I wasn’t there. I didn’t go near her. I didn’t violate anything.” Poor baby. The definition of “indirect contact” would pretty much be exactly. what. you. did.

This isn’t the first time Tyrese has let Jody drive and we’re wondering if Taraji P. Henson needs to take a personal day and come get her boy all the way together.

The shame spiral is in full swing and Tyrese has been showing signs of unraveling for a while now. Here’s a few reasons we’re sure Ty Ty has lost all of his senses.

1.  Quoting movies in court.

Now that he’s facing some pretty serious allegations of child abuse one would think Tyrese would be on his best behavior but he still seems focused on the wrong thing. He arrived in court Wednesday morning dressed in all-white as a nod to Reese Witherspoon’s character in Walk The Line. According to reports, he’s making a statement with his wardrobe.

He allegedly told his attorney, “I’m not wearing black today because it’s not a funeral.”

Boy, quit playin. You are in court in front of a judge who may take your child away for your foolishness so just put on a suit, sit down and shut your mouf.

2. Getting Rough With The Rock.

Last month, he decided to play his “petty as hell” card and go after Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on social media for failing to answer his texts.

The awkward/sinister/hilarious message was super deep and foreboding.

“Secret weapon. Many productive meetings and big business deals have been sealed with a handshake at my GSD (Get Shit Done) table that’s inside my trailer. This table holds a lot of great mana (spirit/power) and energy. And if these wood slabs could talk… well it’s best they can’t talk for national security purposes,” he posted.

“I’m on your timeline cause you’re not responding to my text messages – #FastFamily is just that a famiy… We don’t fly solo.”

I wonder if the mafia-inspired loyalty vow was worked into The Rock’s Fast & Furious contract or if that’s just an unspoken understanding upheld by all the “mana” in the “wood slabs.”

3. Date Rape For Dummies.

Remember when this sweet soul suggested that sexual assault was probably just a consequence of poor fashion choices?

After Amber Rose explained she’s regularly harassed, Tyrese put the blame squarely on her. I hate you Jody!

“I’m just saying, the comfort-ability some people find in wanting to touch or grope you…it’s an energy that is sent out there that creates that type of response.”

Rose clapped back and schooled the singer on basic rules of being a human.

“No it doesn’t, and I’m gonna tell you why. If I’m laying down with a man butt-naked and his condom is on, and I say, ‘You know what? No. I don’t wanna do this. I changed my mind.’ That means no. That means f—k no,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how far I take it or what I have on, when I say no, it means no.”

Let’s hope someone can get through to Tyrese before his behavior becomes even more of an issue. While it’s amusing to watch out for what he will do next, we’re worried he may be in need of a major Come To Jesus moment so he can get himself together.