Tyrese Gibson

Johnson and Diesel have famously been at odds since working together on 2017’s franchise entry, ‘The Fate of the Furious.’
/ December 31, 2021
He said he and fellow actor Howard were able to laugh about how their different complexions may have affected their careers.
/ September 2, 2021
Tyrese Gibson with girlfriend Zelie Timothy.
In a video shared on Instagram, singer and actor Tyrese Gibson helped shave the pubic hair of his new girlfriend, Zelie Timothy.
/ April 26, 2021
B. Simone thegrio.com
Comedian and Instagram personality B. Simone is being slammed online for saying women’s standards are too high in relationships.
/ February 16, 2021
Tyrese thegrio.com
After amicable divorce plans announced last week, it looks like Tyrese and his estranged wife’s split has already turned up the temperature.
/ January 5, 2021
Tyrese thegrio.com
The early-morning Range Rover theft came on the same day he and his wife of four years, Samantha Gibson, announced they’re divorcing.
/ December 30, 2020
Tyrese thegrio.com
Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson took to Instagram to share a photo of his mother while asking his followers to pray for her health.
/ December 5, 2020