We need to talk about Tyrese.

This man has been spiraling down a path of destruction for weeks and we’re starting to laugh less and worry more.

Of course his social media antics have been entertaining at times–who doesn’t appreciate a good twerk-off in the kitchen? Other moments have been puzzling–did he really think the aerial love note to his daughter in the midst of child abuse case was a good idea? Some moments, have been downright heartbreaking– Ty Ty crying his eyes out over his daughter was hard to watch. Hearing him lie about Will and Jada giving him $5 million?


We need to talk about mental health.

Tyrese’s ex-wife, Norma Gibson, insists that he was diagnosed as bipolar. If those claims are true, then his recent behavior should be cause for concern.

While we can’t confirm a diagnosis or even begin to understand the complexities of the situation for any one person, it’s important to highlight the fact that mental health issues are too often overlooked in our community.

The thing about mental illness (and more specifically, manic episodes) is that it never looks the same for everyone. When someone is in a manic state, things can go from slightly silly and weird to terrifying and tragic in an instant.

For the most part, it’s extremely difficult to gauge just how serious these situations are until it’s too late.

Often, symptoms of mania are dismissed as attention-getting antics, temper tantrums, and just an overall turn up gone too far. But there’s something much more serious going on.

The wild stories people tell when they are manic are not lies, per se; but delusions — Delusions that they believe are true despite common sense.

The other side of mania is the depression that inevitably follows. This isn’t the “I’m having a bad day and would prefer to stay in bed with Ben & Jerry” kind of blues. This is the dangerous and often deadly form of the debilitating disease. The kind that lead to tears and speeches starting with “We wish we knew” when things take a tragic twist.

We don’t want that for Ty Ty or for anyone.

There is help available.

We’re pulling for Tyrese and hoping he has the support that’s required to get things together. If that includes medical treatment, then we pray he gets it and benefits from it so he can help other folks see there is light at the end of the dark tunnel and they don’t have to suffer in silence.

The stigma surrounding mental health issues has to be eliminated so people can feel safe about getting the help they need.