Mariah Carey secures ‘multimillion-dollar’ settlement from ex-fiancé

The diva extraordinaire comes out a winner in very public breakup

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Mariah Carey‘s former fiancé, James Packer, is paying for their breakup in more ways than one.

According to ET, Carey has received a “multimillion-dollar settlement” over their split, which stemmed from a huge fight last year in Greece. The two of them broke up a month later, in October 2016, and a month after that, it was reported that Carey was looking for $50 million from Packer as an “inconvenience fee.”

–James Packer says it was a ‘mistake’ to date Mariah Carey–

Although it’s not clear how much of that $50 million Carey ultimately received, a second source did say that she kept the $10 million engagement ring.

“She still has the ring and wears it now on her middle finger,” the source said.

But even if Carey is still rocking the ring, that doesn’t mean the two have repaired their now tarnished relationship. In fact, the source said that the two of them have not spoken to each other in months at least.

“They 100 percent have not spoken for a year, maybe even longer than that.”

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