Queens model found dead with throat slashed in rural Jamaica

Desiree Gibbon, 26, journeyed to Caribbean island to make money for film school

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A Queens model was found dead, with her throat slashed, on the side of a rural road in Jamaica.

Desiree Gibbon, 26, had followed her dreams to the island in search of work to pay for film school, but she had planned to return to Queens on Thursday to work at a friend’s record label.

“It’s finally happening, Mom. I’m in the right place at the right time,” Gibbon’s mother, Andrea Cali-Gibbon, recalled.

Cali-Gibbon planned to fly out to Jamaica on Friday with Gibbon’s father, who is from Jamaica. Now, they are reeling from the brutal attack on their daughter.

“The brutality is what killed me. She was beaten and had her throat sliced open,” Cali-Gibbon said.

“She was a tough cookie,” she added. “I know she fought until she drew her last breath. I know she did. And I’m certain that her last thought was, ‘Will my mom be OK if I don’t make it?’”

While Jamaican police have not responded to requests for comment, Gibbon’s mother believes she was lured from the hotel where she was staying.

“She didn’t venture out on her own. It was somebody she trusted,” Cali-Gibbon insisted.

Gibbon was one of 12 people who were murdered over the weekend in St. James Parish in Jamaica.