Tamar Braxton banned from Dallas bar for ‘looking like a gangster’

Singer says JR's Bar & Grill turned her away because she didn't look the part

A Dallas bar reportedly refused entry to Tamar Braxton because she looked like a “gangster.”

The singer took to her Instagram story to reveal that JR’s Bar & Grill turned her away because she apparently didn’t look the part.

“Evidently I look like a gangster. I can’t go in this establishment,” she said. “Here in my favorite town Dallas, they have zero tolerance for black people.”

The video has since been deleted.

The singer was in town for a performance on Wednesday as a part of “The Great Xscape Tour” with Xscape and Monica.

Bar explains Braxton ban

The bar has since responded to Braxton’s claims in a statement provided to NBC 5:

“Our posted policies regarding entrance into JR’s Bar & Grill are to both ensure the safety of all our customers and to certify that our staff are in accordance with the law when serving alcohol – without exception. In this instance, we were simply following our published procedures. It would have been a beautiful experience and honor to add Tamar Braxton to the long list of celebrities who have enjoyed JR’s as a safe and inclusive entertainment venue. We are deeply saddened that she didn’t experience the love that awaited her inside.”

The bar says that is has a zero tolerance policy that states “no sweat towels, no backpacks, pants are to be worn around the waist, no sunglasses worn inside, give respect, get respect.”