Fox News’ Harris Faulkner ‘confronted’ colleague over ‘Kool-Aid’ comment

In a Los Angeles Times profile, Faulkner talks racially awkward moment

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A new Los Angeles Times profile of Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner dredges up memories of an incident in 2015 in which Brian Kilmeade made a racially-charged Kool-Aid comment.

During a Fox & Friends cooking segment, Faulkner appeared with her daughter. She was supposed to be making a peach cobbler, but for some reason, Kilmeade put his foot in it and asked if she made Kool-Aid.

“Do I make what?” Faulkner asked, visibly shocked.

“Make Kool-Aid?” Kilmeade repeated.

“Uh — uh, no. I don’t make Kool-Aid,” Faulkner replied.

It was such a strange moment that Steve Doocy did a double-take. And the video went viral, prompting massive backlash.

‘I need to hear the words ‘I’m sorry’

Faulkner claimed that she confronted Kilmeade after the segment went viral.

“I went to his office,” she said. “We sat. He said, ‘I didn’t mean anything by it. I want you to know I have no idea what it really means, blah, blah, blah.’”

“By the end of the conversation, I apologized. He said, ‘Why are you apologizing?’ I said, ‘Because I need to hear the words ‘I’m sorry’ right now.’ So we moved on,” she continued.

“What I learned is that if we let it, it will divide us completely… but it was very costly to stick through that moment so that the people around me could learn about [perseverance] and forgiveness. If he came to me this day and apologized, I would accept it.”