It is costing a pro-Trump non-profit $1 million to air a new Trump ad on television that ends with a little girl saying, “Thank you President Trump for letting us say ‘Merry Christmas’ again!”

The group is called America First Policies and it includes Trump’s digital and data director Brad Parscale, newly-indicted former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates and Vice President Mike Pence’s former campaign advisers. They say that the “ad blitz” will start to air on Christmas day.

It doesn’t seem to matter to the group, or Trump, that Merry Christmas was constantly said under President Obama as anyone can see for themselves if they did a quick search of social media or even Google. Still, Trump has convinced himself and millions of others of the myth that Christmas was under attack by the Obama administration all while pushing another myth, the one that said Obama wasn’t born in America.

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As Trump celebrated the Republican tax bill on Wednesday, the one many people are calling a scam, the president remarked that “we can say ‘Merry Christmas’ again. People are saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again, and we like the sound.”

This new ad is titled “Thank You, President Trump.” The little girl thanking him for Christmas isn’t the only thanks he gets in the ad. Other people thank him for things such as “keeping my family safe” and “reminding us to stand for our national anthem” and even “fixing our economy.”

All of this fluff comes as Trump’s approval rating his a new, never before seen approval rating. His now 35 percent approval rating marks “the worst approval rating in a December of any elected president’s first year in the White House by a wide margin — and only the second time since the dawn of modern polling that a president’s approval rating sank under 50 percent at this point.”